Expert Witness

Court Qualified Expert Testimony

Over the past 27 years, I have provided expert testimony in the following subject areas in Los Angeles County Superior Courts for both the prosecution as a law enforcement officer and for the defense as an Investigator and Qualified Expert.

Areas of Expertise:

  red-check-markDrug & Alcohol Use: Trends and common practices
  red-check-markDrug & Alcohol Influence: Symptoms and common behaviors
  red-check-markUnder the Influence Detection and Evaluation
  red-check-markField Sobriety Testing / DUI Investigations
  red-check-markDrug Possession: Trends and common practices
  red-check-markPossession for Sales: Trends and common practices
  red-check-markIllicit Substance / Drug Trafficking & Drug Trafficking Organization Structures
  red-check-markMedical Cannabis / Medical Marijuana: Patient issues, Collective Operations and Cannabis Cultivation

What is an Expert Witness?

In California state courts, a person may be qualified as an expert if he/she "has special knowledge, skill, experience training or education sufficient to qualify him/her as an expert on the subject to which his/her testimony relates."

Once an expert witness has been qualified, he/she will be permitted to offer his/her opinion, within his/her area of expertise, "related to a subject that is sufficiently beyond common experience that such opinion would assist" the jury (in jury trials) or the court (in non-jury trials).

What does an Expert Witness Do?

By offering a balanced and objective opinion of facts in question before the court,  an expert witness can help judges and juries understand the subject matter in his or her area of expertise.  Proper testimony and presentation of opinion can clarify facts before the court and supplement or challenge prior opinion testimony of witnesses or opposing experts.

An expert witness may also conduct physical examinations of evidence held and review prior testimony of witnesses and experts to evaluate the accuracy or reliability of statements made by witnesses in previous hearings.

An expert witness review of facts in any given case may identify previously unconsidered legal strategies not apparent early in the particular case.

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Download Cirriculum Vitae - Medical Marijuana
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Download Cirriculum Vitae - Drug Use, Drug Influence and Field Sobriety Testing
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